Building SDI Education Curricula Fit for the Future workshop was organized by SPIDER project on Thursday 20/1/2022. Idea of the Spider project is to promote and strengthen active teaching and learning in SDI domain and this Workshop was one of the important steps on the way.

In this online event, Spider consortium joined its forces with EO4GEO to present toolkits for the design of SDI curricula. Spider members from University of Lund, Hochschule Bochum and K.U. Leuven hosted the meeting and presented main outcomes of the project while focusing on the new tool aimed to help teachers design new SDI courses. The Open SDI Curricula Toolkit, which was the main part of the Workshop, was presented to the public and the attendees had the opportunity to explore the content and toolkit’s functionalities in an interactive session. This newly developed tool covers SDI education domain with 44 fully developed concepts categorised in five main topics: Fundamentals, Technical (I&II) and Non-technical (I&II). Experts from EO4GEO presented their Curriculum Design Tool (BoK and EO), a very robust toolkit whose one small part is SDI.

This Workshop showed great interest of experts as more than 50 participants attended the event. Their feedback was highly valuable for the experts of the Spider projects and can be seen as a guidance in future steps.

Materials from Workshop are available below:

Workshop – Building SDI Education Curricula fit for the Future Introduction

SPIDER Open SDI Curricula Toolkit

EO4GEO Curricula Design Tool (BoK and EO)

New and Emerging Topics in the SDI Domain



Karlo Kević