Spider team lead by Associate Professor Ali Mansourian, PhD, from the Lund University will take part in this year’s Agile Workshop set for June 8-11. With the presentation entitled ‘Open SDI Education: Active Methods and Good Practices’, the team will present outcomes of some parts of the Spider project trying to highlight the importance of  “active” teaching and learning methods in Open SDI Education. The workshop will cover several aspects of SDI education for both in-campus and online teaching, including review of active teaching and learning methods, mapping between different active teaching methods and learning level, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, etc. The event will take place in a virtual environment on Tuesday, June 8, 10-12:30 EEST.

For more information and registration, please visit the official Agile website https://agile-online.org/index.php/conference-2021/programme-2021/agile-workshops-2021.