On September 1st, 2020, the SPIDER team organized its first multiplier event as part of the online EGOV2020 – IFIP EGOV-CeDEM-EPART 2020 conference. The workshop SPIDER: open Spatial data infrastructure education network; speaking the same language, attracted around 40 participants.

The workshop had three objectives:

  1. To refine the concept of open data ecosystems and open data infrastructures and their relation
  2. To share and discuss good practices of learning, teaching and training methods on open data (ecosystems) currently employed by universities and other higher education organisations, and
  3. To improve the understanding between concepts used in different domains and within domains on the concepts of open spatial data infrastructures and open data ecosystems and open data infrastructures.

It appeared that the concept of data infrastructures as understood in the geospatial domain is very similar to the data ecosystem concept in the open data domain. In that domain open data infrastructure is referring to the technical part of the ecosystem such as the data, hardware, and software.

On the innovative education practices agreement was in the need for interactive education with quizzes, forums, online labs, and brainstorming session, and enough coffee breaks also after the lecture to allow for 1:1 discussions. More information about the workshop and the responses of the participants can be found here.